Ascension Genesys Donates 20 Acres to Dort Highway Project

Work has begun on the Dort Highway Extension project, an expansive infrastructure and economic development project that will pass along the western edge of the Ascension Genesys Health Park campus.

“We are very pleased that the Dort Highway Connector is beginning to take shape and open the door to so many opportunities on the campus,” said Christopher Palazzolo, President & CEO of Ascension Genesys. “We are looking forward to our next phases of development, including continuation of our Senior Village planning and the advent of a healthcare-related retail presence.”

The first phase of the project, expected to be completed around November of this year, involves connecting the Dort Highway interchange south to Cook Road, later with a full extension south to Baldwin Road.

Scott Bennett, Grand Blanc Township Supervisor, also hailed the project as a great partnership between the community, Ascension Genesys, and the region.

“This has been a fantastic partnership for the development of this part of our Township,” he said, noting that Ascension Genesys donated 20 acres of land within the footprint of the project. “Grand Blanc is the economic engine for Genesee County and the region, and we’re excited to work together to meet the needs and desires of our residents, businesses and workers.”

Along with the road extension, which is expected to ease traffic at the Holly Road interchange as well as on McWain & Pollock roads, the project includes plans to integrate non-motorized pathways, eventually connecting Baldwin Road and the Ascension Genesys campus with Grand Blanc Road, offering access to downtown Grand Blanc, the Iron Belle Trail, and Bicentennial Park. Public and private funding is still being sought for the trail development.

“This project is a great example of how a strong coalition of partners, including the hospital, local municipalities, and the State of Michigan can come together with support for the benefit of our patients, associates and the community,” Palazzolo added.