May 2020 - A Message from Chris Palazzolo


Hello, I’m Chris Palazzolo, and I’m privileged to serve as the President and CEO of Ascension Genesys Hospital. These last two and a half months have been unprecedented in terms of healthcare and really our country at large; yet, our associates and physicians here at Ascension Genesys have stepped up and answered the bell. I couldn’t be prouder of the work that has been accomplished over the last two months.

I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to our frontline staff who answered the bell, who were there for our patients in need as they arrived here at the hospital; to our physicians who collaborated across multiple specialties and who came in without being asked. Also, thanks goes to our leadership team who put together the incident command structure; they have been very faithful to the cause, here daily and really contributed in a time of need.

I’d also like to thank our community at large; they were incredible with what they provided. We had over 40 companies and countless individuals that donated masks, gowns, shields, and meals. We had lots of meals for all our associates on all three shifts; it was an incredible outshowing of support.

Our Ascension Genesys Foundation structured a hardship relief fund for our associates that has already raised over $33,000 and helped 140 associates in their time of need.

What’s next for us? We will be committed to living in a COVID and non-COVID world for the foreseeable future. Each and every day we plan the best way possible to keep our patients, visitors and associates safe. This will continue for months and months; however, we will emerge and we will be successful. We will deploy our strategies for growth and our commitment to serve as we always have.

So again, thank you to our associates, our physicians and our community for your support in these trying times.